EECS 485: Web Systems

The University of Michigan, Fall 2020

A holistic course of modern web systems and technologies, covering front end and back end. Build an Instagram clone in the first half of the semester, and a Google clone in the second.


Welcome to EECS 485!

We're glad you're here. The course will be remote this fall, so you can join from anywhere in the world. More details in the syllabus.

Computer and network recommendations

You'll need a laptop and a reliable internet connection. More details in the syllabus.

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Day Lecture Lab Deadline

Tue Sep 1

Thu Sep 3


Static Pages

Project 1 Setup

Tue Sep 8

Thu Sep 10

Server-side Dynamic Pages


Static Pages Tools and AWS

Tue Sep 15

Thu Sep 17


Web Security

Project 2 Setup Project 1 due Wed 8pm ET

Tue Sep 22

Thu Sep 24


Client-side Dynamic Pages

Server-side Dynamic Pages Tools

Tue Sep 29

Thu Oct 1

Client-side Applications

Asynchronous Programming

Project 3 Setup Project 2 due Wed 8pm ET

Tue Oct 6

Thu Oct 8


Google File System

Client-side Dynamic Pages Tools

Tue Oct 13

Thu Oct 15

Map Reduce

OS and Parallelism

Scaling a Database with PaaS Project 3 due Wed 8pm ET

Tue Oct 20

Thu Oct 22

No class

No lab Midterm
Wed Oct 21
7pm ET

Tue Oct 27

Thu Oct 29

Information Retrieval 1

Information Retrieval 2

Project 4 Setup

Tue Nov 3

Thu Nov 5

Information Retrieval 3

Scaling Static Content (DNS and CDNs)

Scaling static files and media uploads with PaaS

Tue Nov 10

Thu Nov 12

Scaling Dynamic Content: Containerization and Virtualization

Scaling Dynamic Content: Cloud Computing

Project 5 Setup Project 4 due Wed 8pm ET

Tue Nov 17

Thu Nov 19

Recommender Systems


Scaling Server-side Dynamic Pages with PaaS 1

Tue Nov 24

Thu Nov 26

No class - Thanksgiving Recess

No lab

Tue Dec 1

Thu Dec 3


Dark Web

Scaling Server-side Dynamic Pages with PaaS 2 Project 5 due Wed 8pm ET

Tue Dec 8

Thu Dec 10

No class

Final Exam

No lab Final Exam
Thu Dec 10
7pm ET


You can reach us at

Andrew DeOrio

MacOS, Linux

Raed Almomani

Windows 10

Krishan Amin


Scott Beinlich


Jad Chaar


Aditya Chitta


Erin Deutschman

Windows 10

Bronson Knowles

Windows 10

Anoop Kotha


Taylor Lansey


Alec Minchington

Linux, Windows 10

Zach Papanastasopoulos

Windows 10

Anish Ravipati


Adi Soni

Windows 10

Andrew Vernier


Hassaan Wattoo


Maryam Younus

Windows 10

Michelle Zhang

Windows 10