EECS 485: Web Systems

Winter 2020

A holistic course of modern web systems and technologies, covering front end and back end. Build an Instagram clone in the first half of the semester, and a Google clone in the second.


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Deadlines and Schedule of Topics

Day Topic Deadline

Tue Jan 9


Tue Jan 14

Thu Jan 16

Web Basics

Dynamic Pages

Tue Jan 21

Thu Jan 23



Project 1 due Thu Jan 23, 8pm

Tue Jan 27

Thu Jan 30

Web Security


Tue Feb 4

Thu Feb 6

Javascript 1

Javascript 2

Project 2 due Thu Feb 6, 8pm

Tue Feb 11

Thu Feb 13

Asynchronous Programming


Tue Feb 18

Thu Feb 20

Google File System

Map Reduce (content covered on final exam, not midterm)

Project 3 due Thu Feb 20, 8pm

Tue Feb 25

Thu Feb 27

No class - Midterm Exam

Midterm Tue Feb 25, 7pm

Tue Mar 3

Thu Mar 5

No class - Spring Break

Tue Mar 10

Thu Mar 12

OS and Parallelism


Tue Mar 17

Thu Mar 19

Information Retrieval 1

Information Retrieval 2

Tue Mar 24

Thu Mar 26

Information Retrieval 3

Scaling Static Content (DNS and CDNs)

Tue Mar 30

Thu Apr 2

Scaling Dynamic Content

Machine Learning

Tue Apr 7

Thu Apr 9

Recommender Systems


Project 4 due Tue Apr 7, 8pm

Tue Apr 14

Thu Apr 16


Dark Web

Tue Apr 21

Thu Apr 23

No class

Final exam

Project 5 due Tue Apr 21, 8pm

Final Thu Apr 23, 8am


John Kloosterman

1:30 220 CHRYS

4:30 1571 GGBL

Windows 10, Linux

Raed Almomani

6:00 1013 DOW

Windows 10

Krishan Amin

8:30AM 1006 DOW


Scott Beinlich

2:30PM 1690 BBB


Jad Chaar

4:30PM 1006 DOW


Christina Fosheim-Hoag

9:00AM 1012 FXB


Biswash Ghimire

2:30PM 1010 DOW

Windows 10

Jack Good

9:30AM 1024 FXB

Windows 10

Ryan Johnston

1:30PM 1690 BBB


Adi Soni

3:30PM 1005 DOW

Windows 10

Hassaan Wattoo

12:30PM 1690 BBB


Wenyi Wu

1:30PM 3150 DOW


Michelle Zhang

12:30PM 1012 FXB

Windows 10